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Visualizing core academic concepts and foundational blocks made easy with Gen Alpha’s Virtual Reality Educational Solutions.


The Future of Classrooms is here, Learn like never before

Visualizing core academic concepts and foundational blocks are made easy with Gen Alpha’s Virtual reality educational solutions,

We feel the need to pivot because of

Problems associated with Conventional Methods


No Practicals, Lack of Imagination

Smart Classroom

Minimal Involvement


Lack of fun, Minimal teacher's control

Text Books

No practicals, Lack of Imagination

We facilitate this change by invoking





Inspiration - Visualizing core academic concepts and foundational blocks are made easy with GenAlpha’s Virtual reality educational solutions

Results and its byproducts achieved with new methods


Knowledge Retention

Long after the VR session has ended, students reported to have retained whatever was taught in the session.


Better Motivation

Studies have shown that, in the educational process, students had a favorable attitude towards virtual reality.


Attention grabber

It's documented that VR not only grabs the attention of the students, but also retains it for a longer period of time than any other medium of learning.


Imagination booster

VR can more accurately illustrate some features, processes, and so forth; allowing for better opportunity for insights based on new perspectives.

Long after the VR has finished, students remember the experience and they are eager to reflect on it in future lessons.

Teachers’ efforts are minimized. They can focus upon more benefitting areas for students and the educational institutions.

Study Conducted By PWC showed the time required to clear a concept in Classroom vs eLearning vs VR Aided Learning

VR Aided Learning

29 Minutes


45 Minutes


120 Minutes

What are the solutions we provide

First time ever in India, we offer the VR edge in education - world-class education at most affordable pricing.
VR refers to interactive content videos which enable the viewer to explore the entire 360 degrees of a scene. Virtual reality can improve education by providing students with memorable and immersive experiences that would otherwise not be possible. What’s more, it can all take place within the school or private classroom.
We also provide entire technical assistance to Schools and private entities to set up their own VR Lab. It includes Hardware, Softwares, more than 500 3D 360° Videos, training, and technical support.
CBSE Syllabus compliant content.

Who are we providing it for?


VR Experience Labs


Statistics strengthening the cause

An in-house study conducted on 300 students Revealed

Student's Interest

3D virtual visuals increase child's IQ and grasping power.


Makes learning easy

That Virtual Reality increases the interest of students in study


Improved communication

to use VR in the classroom to understand the Science concepts


Comfortable hardware

technology increases students engagement in the subject


Study Conducted By PWC revealed


Faster to train than in the classroom


more confident to apply skills learned after training


more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners


more focused than their e-learning peers

General FAQ

  • 1 What is the proposal?
  • 2 Who shall own the VR Lab into the School?
  • 3 What constitutes a VR Lab?
  • 4 Who shall set-up the VR Lab?


Meet our Technology partners , enabling and paving digital transformation with us in education sector.

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Experience was mind-blowing

Being a teacher, I find too much difficult or say very difficult to teach cells tissues, structures of molecules, acid-base theories. Through this virtual reality facility, we can give them accurate explanation regarding them now.

Suchita Rao


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